so this is a petition to see whether we want to keep this part of the update, i’m going for one of two things so please say which you want.

A) same rate all biomes, meaning that they stay the same

B) varying rates (example: more metal in arctic, more oil in desert) all biomes

After rereading the dev post THEY ARE NOT TAKING HQ METAL OUT OF THE DESSERT OR OIL OUT OF THE ARCTIC they are redistributing the gather rates from quarries and pumps

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no to what?

I voted all biomes because its already bad enough to play vanilla. Now u have to trek across the map…just to find some contested resources…get owned…idk

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ya i agree even tho i play mod i dont want to have to find a place thats on the other side of the map just so i can make some guns of keep my quarries running, it was a bad idea on the devs part because theres no way they wont get negative feedback

Of course it have to be different rates, some environment should have a natural higher amount of some resources, less of others and none of some.

The days of just bunker in should be the days of past.

? what do you mean just bunker, if your talking about no resources in some biomes that is not what this is about this is to try and get all in all the question is whether they will have same gather rates or dif

No it means that you could just sit in 1 area and then pull all resources from that place, rather than now where you have to spread out your distribution and construction.


This new mechanic of limited supply of resources in certain biomes is a core feature of where Rust is heading. It add a new level in how you must play the game.

So, no.

ok so this post is not about keeping them out of biomes that has already been done (tho i should add an option for that) this is about puting them back in all biomes

I’m glad you put a lot of thought into this, including grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

Also your suggestion is bad, the changes are a good thing and give cause to go into different biomes.

They haven’t been removed from biomes…

(from devblog)

HQ Metal is more common in the tundra and arctic biomes.
HQ metal has a very small chance of spawning in the temperate biome.
Oil is much less common in general.
Oil is much more common in the Arid/desert biome.

Common just means you can find more of it, not that it have been removed.

this game is already hard enough there will still be enough reason to go into a new biome if they have different rates, but it will also eliminate a play style that is not bad. it will create a lot more encounters and players will leave if they have to constantly make the trek just to get some metal… i think it was a bad idea, also i’m going to recreate it with the option of not all in one

I think they should have both in both bio domes

A better way of doing it would be there are X units that come out of the ground. There should be a higher % of oil in the desert and lower in the arctic. The reverse for HQM.

Limiting oil to desert and HQM to arctic is just another pain in the ass and as a mainly solo player a even bigger hurdle.

Mainly since there is hardly any animals or hemp in the arctic, so now you need to go alllllll the way to the desert to get oil or run to the grass lands to find cloth/animals to run your quarry.

All to make guns that you’ll probably lose in a 10th of the time to took to gather that resource

oh my bad… so then poll is still valid

Or maybe players need to trade now, because the Oil barons in the desert need to trade with the HQM titans int he arctic.

no he is right it means that you will have to spread out not that u will have to biome hop

I’ll reserve judgement until I manage to play the game for a while under the new rules. But at first glance, I think completely removing critical resources from certain biomes is perhaps a bit heavy-handed.

ok please read my posts, i was wrong they have not removed them they have adjusted the gather rates/ avalability