Resources Less Abundant?

Did the latest patch make resource nodes less abundant? I’ve found hardly any nodes in the resource valleys and its been a few in game days already.

Can we get an official response on this? Sorry to gravedig but its already been a day and the thread has moved to page 4.

I was thinking exactly about the same thing. It could be something related to the fix they did about resource node spawns.

I think everyone is waiting for a response, especially as there was nothing in the notes about it…

Just finished playing a four hour stretch building a clan base, resources are the same as before, 20min run usualy brings 1000 logs and lots of other items.

Haven’t had any gathering problem on the east road fields.

Resources are just the same. It’s only because of the wipe, everyone is having to go out and harvest, so most of it is already gone.

Before the wipe, people had large stockpiles and a lot of players got their resources from raiding.

Resources only seem to respawn once a day in game. Source: in a large clan with a valley locked down resorting to chopping trees.

Less resources is a good thing.
I wish they would add something like farming so that players would have to wait to get food and all that. Would slow down the game a little more.

I’m currently thinking that the metal nodes (dark grey rocks) have been decreased across the board. I seem to find only one instead of 2-3 at any particular spawn point.