So I just started playing the other night for a few minutes off and on but I finally got to sit down and play for about an hour today. I’m rather concerned with the fact that I walked for 30+ minutes without finding anything but trees really. Are certain parts of the map just…empty and devoid of anything at all?

This is the standard map. The black outline you see is roads. That’s where most of the resources are. The farther out you go the less resources you’ll find. That’s because most of the map isn’t developed for resources yet.

Hey Belmail,

First off…welcome to the game! (It’s very very addicting)

Second…ABlackFedora is correct…outside of what I like to call the “Smiley face” (You can see it sideways on the center of the map above) there are no spawns, only land and trees. I’m assuming sometime in the future they will enable spawns further out.

Third - Keep in mind the server was just wiped, so A LOT of people will be out gathering wood all day and night to build. In my experience, over time you will find less players gathering every resource you see, which means more for you!

Hope you enjoy the game! :slight_smile:

Welcome! And I ohnly enter Urban areas when needed! Or else your fucked.

The urban areas or predefined areas are so small they out of place. Scale a nice size city to what people build that would be pretty nice.