ResourceX lua error

I keep getting this error while trying to add a new model for a entity;
[autorun\resourcex.lua:288] Model missing: models/mymodels/kfc/chickenleg.mdl
Everything is in place where it should be, and it downloads successfully to the client.
It downloads to the directory “models/mymodels/kfc/”
Here is that portion of the resourcex code
local function FormatModelPath( path )
path = FixSlashes( path )

    if ( table.HasValue( MODEL_POOL, path ) ) then
        path = path .. "."
    return path

Entity_SetModel = _R.Entity.SetModel

function _R.Entity:SetModel( mdl )
    return Entity_SetModel( self, FormatModelPath( mdl ) )

Help would be much obliged, thanks.