Respawn Entertainment (AKA Infinity Ward) vs. DICE

Since, I’ve read that Activision and EA have been fighting about Infinity Ward and fired and simply destroyed IW and gave birth to Respawn Entertainment which is controlled by EA…so I’ve read. So, I just thought to be done with this already. I had this idea since 2009, after playing Takedown on Modern Warfare 2. These are experimental practice poses since I am very rusty I want to know my progress, I haven’t posed constantly since 2008.

I also have the idea: Shadow Company vs. Tier 1. :v:

poses seem really frigid and empty

The poses aren’t that great. And just so you know, Respawn Entertainment was a company formed by the founders of Infinity Ward after they were unfairly (and arguably illegally) fired by Activision.

I was practicing, it was not intended to be as an awesome picture, or a parody. And, I was fooling around with the Post Processing, since I’ve never used them before.

The posing is allright, but the angle shows how empty the map is.

And try editing some stuff into it

The extreme bloom is burning my eyes.

Also, simple DoF doesn’t look good.

this is worse than the time i was in that bath-tub with broken glass covered in tabasco shoved up my ass

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i mean DAMn its like 99% of the picture is white bloom glow

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also soap didn’t even come close to hitting that dude

Yeah, the pics themselves do REALLY suck.

Except DICE would win because they make good games.