Respawn Entities?

So basically I’m working on a CSGO map.
This map has some breakable stuff that causes certain entitites to despawn (“Kill”).
However, whenever I reach a new round and most of the map resets, the entitites that were set to get removed won’t respawn.
They simply just never appear again, unless I re-load the map via console.

The entities that I’m having trouble with are:

So my question is: How can I make these entities reset/respawn every new round?
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

func_illusionary is a permanant entity. if you remove it once, it will be removed for the whole map.

if you want it to be not visible i suggest you to use a func_brush with Not solid flag. the func_brush is also a permanant entity but you can do Enable/Disable to make it not visible.

the generic_actor might aswell be a permanant entity.

So just dont kill them

In css here is the list of perm entities.

Im sure a lot are missing like the generic_actor since it is from the hl2.fgd which is not enabled per default on the css hammer.

csgo have the same perm entities and maybe few more