Respawn Msg? (Message appears when player respawns?)

how would i make a message display when a player respawns for ex. “You have been respawnd!” What would i name this lua file and place it? Thanks!

Name it ‘freeloader.lua’.
You gotta figure the code out yourself or wait for someone else that is more generous than I am.

And just so nobody can say that I didn’t help you as in terms of ‘helping developers with their scripts’
You gotta use this hook:
And this to add chat message:

If you want to have some colorful message then you gotta do some networking using net library and chat.AddText().

But ofcourse, nothing I said will help you because as said before - you came to get some free code.

Thanks! just wrote the code

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Can i name the lua file what ever i want?

All of sudden you ‘learned’ how to script and wrote the code yourself while few seconds ago you were asking where to put the file?

its been a few months i havent lua coded once i see it it comes up to my mind again


Were there dragons in your story?

Put the file wherever you want but ensure you include it properly: