Respawn timers on barrels/boxs needs to be dynamic

The respawn timer on barrels and boxes needs to be based on the amount of players on the server. Same with animals/rocks/etc.

If it is already like this then imo it needs to be boosted.

a server with 20 people should not have the same repawn timers as a server with 200.

Don’t play on high pop servers if you don’t want to fight over barrels


It’s pretty dumb if you subscribe to the thinking 1 rate should fit all servers, and honestly it would probably solve alot of bitching.

Actually, if you really think about it, it does make sense. You don’t want every server to have “enough” resources. You want high pop servers to have “not quite enough” resources so the struggle there has meaning. If everyone could walk out their font door and easily gather up everything they need, the incentive for player interaction (see: trading, killing) would be greatly lessened. The need for resources that you can’t find yourself is a driving force in the game.

It’s also realistic in this regard. The more people there are around, the more strain there should be on natural resources.

Also, if you don’t want to struggle for resources, you can completely fix that problem by joining a low pop or modded server. Right? The solution to your problem already exists.

Your assumptions on the “level” i’m suggesting is not what i’m suggesting.

And i honestly they should wipe the whole blueprint system and make everything default. Unless they’re wiping BP’s every week they don’t even mater after that initial struggle. They should be working on end game mechanics. There is no point a even build a house until you get most blueprints so whats really the point of having them.

Even if it were proportional to server size, facepunch wouldn’t make them respawn faster on high pop servers… they would make them respawn slower on low pop servers, which would only cause more bitching.