Respawn timers, should they be considered?

First off I don’t mean anything exessive, nothing like an hour, or a day, something very short, to prevent certain things.

Let me run a little sencenerio by you, rather a tatics I’ve been recently using by myself and with a friend of mine on a few occasions. This tatic usally works well if you have one or even two bandits to deal with, but what I’ve started to do with any one who comes close to the house is fill my inventory with slighty ok resources, some wood, metal fragments, bullets, cheap, but not cheap enough to be ignored, and I split it up to fill the inventory. I run outside and get a somewhat good distance, enough which will later put me in a perfect advantage to strike with a bolt action rifle. I let the bandit kill me in an open field near my spawn. The bandit runs to my corpse and begins looting everthing, but heres the kicker, the time it takes to pull the individual items out and into his bag, and make his escape, is longer then the time it takes for me to respawn, grab a rifle and take down a very easy non moving target from the distance with a clean headshot.

Now I know the arguement can be made, he shouldnt have been standing there so long, and I agree with you. But the fact that I can pull this off, pulls myself out of the game and being immersed since well, its worked 10 out of 10 times so far, even to some people twice who stupidily didn’t learn their lesson. When you pull more players into your scheme it only makes it easier as they can just stand off in the distance hidden in the grass. It’s a bait and switch more or less, and while I think this is ok to do if you have a friend with you, the fact that I can do the same thing by myself while abusing the respawn system seems silly. And a simple respawn timer of thirty to sixty seconds wouldn’t break anything in the game, nor would it make raids easier, at least in my opinion. I can’t see an additional 30-60 seconds helping at all during a raid with good players.

I also want to state that I think this tatic is perfectly acceptable when used with a few people in a cordinated strike. However, abusing the respawn system to pull the same tatic off by yourself isn’t.

TL:DR Being able to use ‘death’ as an advantage to secure kills doesnt feel like it should belong in a survival game.

Maybe I’m alone here, I’m all for the freedom to figure out ways to one up my opponents, but this just feels broken when it works every. single. time.

Merry Christmas guys! Cheers!

30 seconds is way too long, let alone a minute. If it were 5 or so seconds it would be bearable. But with noobs getting farmed like candy in a kindergarden and aimbotters wrecking havoc on servers, this needs to come a lot further down the line.