Respawning at sleeping bags/beds need a cool down timer.

TL;DR: Add a 30 second respawn timer before you can respawn at any sleeping bag/bed to stop torch banger’s catching you whilst looting and increase tactical awareness throughout the game in general, cheers.

So, I know there is a cool down before you can use the same sleeping bag again but this doesn’t prevent people re-spawning instantly, it only limit’s one of their re-spawn locations from being reused.

I’ve encountered this problem on several occasions such as this morning I was at snow rad on server London 1 and some guy jumped out and sprayed at me recklessly, sadly for him my resistance was not futile I hit him a few times in torso he died as expected - then his boyfriend showed up he tried the same thing, I killed him also.

So here’s the problem, I’m slowly bandaging myself and medicating I go over to loot the body, same dude comes back and hit’s me on head with a lit torch, He almost killed me too but I got him then his friend came I got him too… Again.

So I go back to looting, any how the sneaky little naked got close to me and hit me on head with torch I tried to shoot but was dead after a second hit at around 80hp.

So my solution to help lone wolves who overcome all odds such as this by simply giving a 30 second cool down before any sleeping bag can be used after death, this will also make people be more cautious and tactical when playing as life will be more precious since no one wants to wait 30 seconds and risk loosing all their shit.

I have nothing against team play, but re-spawning and hitting someone with a torch does not require any team play I’m just trying to help the game have a more sensible post pvp looting window

could also limit sleeping bags to like 3 or something

So long as that would coincide with a delay on re spawning at sleeping bags.

Yeah, Sleeping bags are a bit of a problem and I think they need a massive change. I just put down half a dozen around my base. The cooldown timer is silly for how cheap it is to make a second sleeping bag next to the other.

No change is needed this is how Rust has always been. Besides adding a re spawn timer would piss most players off especially after the weekly wipe as people tend to die 5 - 8 times after a fresh wipe. whats the point of adding more time to a game that takes loads of time doing shit. Here’s how your logic would pan out.

Just spawn get killed by 3 dudes with torches happens 3 to 4 times -> 10 mins
waiting to re spawn -> 30 sec x 4 = 2 mins
Re spawn run as fast as you can dude come out of no where and you die -> take 5 mins
waiting to re spawn -> 30 sec
Re spawn run as fast as you can and Harvest wood and stone with rock then get killed -> 5 mins
waiting to re spawn -> 30 sec
Re spawn run as fast as you can and Harvest wood and stone with rock then Craft something then get killed at crafting last sec -> 6 mins
waiting to re spawn -> 30 sec

How about a Massive range around youre base like a cupboard just for sleepingbags which limits you to 1 Sleepingbag in 500m² range around youre base

How about you just loot the bodies faster like everyone else? If you can’t kill some naked reinforcements then you didn’t really win that battle did you?

Maybe the timers would filter out the douchebags since everyone would be restricted. Might force people to reconsider KOS in general.

Make sleeping bags one time use.

It’s the naked’a that spawn and grab an Ak that really piss me off.

practical solution, nerf torches, don’t give a fresh spawning naked such a lethal weapon -_-