Once I found a great Fourth Reich soldier model addon for GMod with a quite unique headgear - a respirator with goggles and an officer’s cap. The problem is that all this stuff is included into the addon only as a single bodygroup for a soldier, and what I do need is just respirator with goggles separately from the cap.

So could someone please make them into a separate model or help me to find something similar? If someone did, I would be very appreciated. I also have some extra Steam gifts if you wish to have some material reward for your labour. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can help you with this, though you’ll better not be bumping your thread especially with image macro.
Dunno how the author stands for editing his model though, that’s why you should ask him for permission if you want to release it.

It’s not his model. He ripped it from an existing game. So you could probably take it and edit it. So long as you credit him for the original port.

Yeah, anyway contact me via steam or something. I’m rather busy with shit at the moment but I’ll have lots of time in like two days from now.