"Rest in peace, kid..."


Why u maed thred?!?!one?!!/

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Touching. Rated heart.

Really good I gave a heart.


Very nice.

Background’s a bit plain in my eyes however.

Oh god…
Most emotional TF2 pose ive ever seen.

how did the poor scout die?

he was killed.

Ace work.

it touches the heart

why you shot scoot :frowning:

Rated Heart.

Now I depressed :frowning:

He doesn’t really look all that sad. His eyebrows are too firm and angry. Also the fact that he looks so straightforward kinda removes the effect of him being sad too, atleast with those eyebrows.

I also hate it that it is 4:3. It goes right into the edge of the browser window making it look like there is more to it, which also the thread title implies, but it isn’t. Would have been nicer if you made it widescreen in other words, preferably accompanied with a gravestone or something similar on the right side.

5*for posing and edit, but it are sad.

Sweet posing and lighting.

Could be more wide.

Neat lighting and atmosphere. Hve an arty.

10/10 whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa