Restoring Alyx to normal.

If you use an Alyx replacement and want to restore her to normal, is there away to do it without having to redo the whole damn thing?

Before installing, make note of where the files will go (write them down or type them into notepad or something).

Then, if you want to uninstall, just look at that note again and delete the files you wrote.

Meaning I have to now re do everything because of one dumbass mistake. Joy.

If it doesn’t come as an addon, create a folder, put the content inside, and create a text file called info.
Move the whole thing into addons.

Thanks .I’ll do that next time.

Look in garrysmod\materials\models\ for anything starting with alyx_ and delete the files. That should restore the originals back.

Well, I already am redoing all my files and restoring my SVN, but I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Have you heard of “backing up files before making dramatic changes”?Just do this:
1.Make some folder called like “Alyx OLD” or something like that!
2.Paste a copy of the files your replacing (in this case Alyx model) into that folder.
Now whenever you want to get the old model back just copy the model from that folder to the original!

There’s no sense extracting the files from the GCF just for that, you know?