Restrict command for jobs

Hello everybody,

I try to create a command but i want restrict this one for some team, exemple: TEAM_ADMIN, but i suck in lua
I need help, because i don’t understand some functions, that was just a try, but if you can try to fix it and explain me it’s will be cool

Thank-you for reading.

[lua]local function Tousse(ply)
if (ply:Team()==TEAM_CHIEF) then
local DoSay = function(text)
local RP = RecipientFilter()

					DarkRP.talkToRange(ply, ply:Nick() .. " tousse ", "", 250)
					ply:EmitSound("ambient/voices/cough"..math.random(1,4)..".wav", 140, 100)
	return args, DoSay

Just add a little

if not ply:Team() == TEAM_ADMIN then

to your command

I will try but look

if (ply:Team()==TEAM_CHIEF) then

I already make this one