Restrict Doors?

Is it possible to restrict doors only to a certain job. So if i made a gunshop only gun dealers could use the door. Or make the door only buyable by a gun dealer.

DarkRP? Latest DarkRP has a feature that allows admins to set door ownership to certain groups.

Where? All i saw was restrict to cops and mayor

Learn basic lua, and untill then, keep your crappy server offline.

1)I dont have a server
2)Dont comment on something you know nothing about

That’s the thing. I know all there is to know about it. I even have connections with the “creator” (as in: the current one) of the gamemode.

If anyone here’s misinformed. It’s you.


Also, here’s the code you need:

AddDoorGroup("gundealer only", TEAM_GUN)

Since you claim to know more than me, you’ll know exactly where to put it, besides your ass…

Number 2 was about you calling my server crappy, you know nothing about it.

Its running DarkRP and you seem to be 6-12, therefore it is crappy.

even though i am not

Okay, you’re just generally dumb then. But that counts too, don’t worry.

Quit being a dick.

Are you using the latest SVN version jargen?


He started it by being part of the clusterfuck of servers that gives roleplaying a bad name.

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Vinze how can i be part of the “clusterfuck” of servers that give roleplaying a bad name, when i dont even have a server

Im pretty sure that it has something to do with lua files.

Oh Vinze, shut the fuck up.
Maybe he needs it for a LAN?
You are an idiot, really.
And why is he stupid?
I didn’t see one stupid post from his side.
Also, he never claimed to know more than you.

I won’t dignify that with an answer, if you know how this forum looked before it was overrun by roleplaying illterates such as OP, and, most likley, yourself, you’d know why. This place used to have tons of posters and threadmakers, and it was a really active section. Then the morons flooded in and people left, now there’s only three or four genuine roleplayers around here.

You’re nothing but a pile of misconceptions, and part of what ruined Garry’s mod roleplaying. Not to mention that your grammar is terrible. I mean, really, do you think that many linebreaks will in any way seem like you wrote more than two lines of pointless and repedative ramblings? Get some paragraphical structure, for fuck’s sake!

So helpful when a guys asking a question he doesn’t want to get useless, offensive shit back. You could of just helped him, got his proplem sorted and job done but oh no mr. big fat nerdy virgin had to come rolling along thinking hes the terminator when really he still lives with his mum and hasn’t touched a girl in his life.

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As for this:
“mr. big fat nerdy virgin had to come rolling along thinking hes the terminator when really he still lives with his mum and hasn’t touched a girl in his life.”

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Now, I’m sure that whilst you’re busy, pecking up some blunt and mindnumbing speech utterly offtopic, to magnify the giant “Hi, I’m ignorant.”-sign over your head. I’ll be back to my scripting.

…I have some doors to restrict, conincidentally…

Vinze calling others dumb again, not a big surprise. "Other peoples servers are shit, mines the best!"