Restrict Entity/SWEP for ULX 'Donator' Rank?

Sorry for all my posts.
Can I please have a LUA code that I can place in addons that restricts them for the ULX usergroup ‘Donator’?
I would like to be able to restrict certian weapons and entities. (It’s absolutely fine if you give me a code for both)
Also, if you are able to give me a code, can you tell me specifically where to place it? Most weapons and entities have a

I really appreciate the help, and it is very generous of someone to donate the code. Thank you.

what gamemode are you running and what weapons/entities do you want this set too?

I am running sandbox and I am looking to make certian WAC Helicopters and some guns Donator only

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Also I would use this for Pointshop.

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add me on steam, I’ll help whenever I have free time.

Thank you l, I’ll be on tomorrow.