Restrict Pac3 to certain ulx commands.

So I have a gmod server and I have pac3 on it. I don’t want random people using pac, and I have a Special Job for it.
I’ve tried and it didn’t want to work.

can You help me how to do it?


You stated you wanted to restrict it to a ulx command in the title, but then said you have a special job for it? Are you saying you want a DarkRP job to only be allowed to use it?

I mean Restrict Pac3 to a certain ULX Group, it wouldn’t let me change it.

local allowed_groups = {
[“vip”] = true,
[“admin”] = true
– [“groupname”] = true
– last entry doesn’t need comma

hook.Add(“PrePACConfigApply”, “basdf”, function(ply, outfit_data)
if not allowed_groups[ply:GetUserGroup()] then return false, “You don’t have permission!” end

sorry i’v been inactive, thanks for the support!