Restrict RCON command

I have this immature kid in my server and he found out how to set his money through RCON, how do I restrict rp_setmoney? Please. Help me for the sake of my community and server.

Update DarkRP to the latest SVN, if not, try to uninstall WireMod.

In your configuration file (usually server.cfg), add rcon_password “(yourpassword)” to the end of the config and replace (yourpassword) with a password you want.
If you need anymore help,

Setting a blank RCON pass is ALWAYS a bad idea.

Apart from if there’s no RCon password set then RCon is disabled which any decent server hoster should do in Garrysmod.

RCon should only be used on development servers.

He broke into your RCON access and you only care about disabling harmful commands? Seriously?

just disable rcon? hows that so hard?

Then just remove the rp_setmoney command?