Restrict Weapons in sandbox

Addon making particular weapons on sandbox server restricted.

Helps stop minges from shooting at everyone who wants to build.

STEVEUK created this script, but it’s really hard to find it even through google, he didn’t post it anywhere but, and he made few bugs making the script unconfigurable through console,
so I thought maybe I’ll post it here and someone will have a use of it.

Just upload extracted folder to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/



To install, extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/

************CONSOLE RCON VARIABLES************

This offers a few simple cvars to configure the script,
always change the through rcon (first use "rcon_password <your rcon pass here>" console command)

rcon wr_enabled (default "1")
Enables or disables the weapon restricter, 1 to enable

rcon wr_sandboxonly (default "1")
Makes it so the settings on take effect on the sandbox gamemode, set to 0 to make it work with all gamemodes

rcon wr_mode (default "0")
Set this to 0 to use a white, 1 for a black list, the black/white list is defined by wr_weapons

rcon wr_disablepickup (default "0")
Disable players from picking up weapons

rcon wr_weapons (default "weapon_crowbar:weapon_physgun:weapon_physcannon:gmod_tool:gmod_camera")
The list of weapons allowed/disallowed (see wr_mode), separated by ":"

wr_ignoregroups (default "")
Usergroups not affected by the script, for example "superadmin:admin", separated by ":"


Nice. Very useful though I can’t find use for it right now.

Same as: but this one must work.

Link is a 404, can you find a way to update it?