Restricted Q Menu !

Hi !

I am creating a deathrun server and I want to make that I can access (superadmin only) the Q menu of sandbox. I want that so I can spawn props for christmas decorations on my server.
So do you know how to do that ^^ ?
I also want it for the C menu if possible ! c:


Deathrun is not derived from sandbox, so unless you modify the gamemode, then no.
Your best bet is to run the map on sandbox, as the maps will still work.

So I should… Change gamemode to sandbox, put the decorations, then I “Make President” the props… and to finish I go back to deathrun ?

That won’t work either because “Make Persistent” will only work in Sandbox if I recall correctly.

What you’d need to do is write some simple code to spawn props manually from a list that you can make manually in Sandbox singleplayer.

Or he could make it derive from sandbox, and then restrict the sandbox functions (context menu, spawnlist)

by the way “Q menu” is called the spawnlist and “C menu” is context menu

function NoFuncNores()-- edite, nox you'r happy ?
	if !ply:IsAdmin()then --if player isen't admin then
		return (false)-- Do nothink, so +menu stay closed

hook.Add( "OnSpawnMenuOpen", "", NoFuncNores)

more info here :

not only will this not work for the reasons explained above, you’re defining NoFunc globally for no reason.

i try it, and it’s work. I press my bined touch or +menu in consol : menu dont open.

Give us your code. Stop to give Dumb if you are unable to give better answere.

i just try to help. me.

You’re most likely running a derived sandbox gamemode, just like darkrp