Restricting pointshop weapons before purchase?

Hey. Is there a feature or a way that allows players to buy the weapons before they can use them? Im using the perma weapons addon for ps2, and is there a way where players cannot spawn any weapons that are in the ps2 shop until they purchase it?


I don’t understand.
They can use the item before they bought it?

Edit: Oh, you mean if they have to buy the weapon then use it manually in-game. What game mode are you talking about?

Ah sorry if i didnt explain it well but im running a war server with sandbox and i want players to get points ingame and then be able to spend those points on new weapons but atm im testing out ps2, and players can still spawn them from the q menu.

Check for if they have bought the weapon, if not, restrict the spawn.

Hmm so that would require editing the mods code?

Check if the player is trying to spawn your weapon with PlayerSpawnSWEP (I’d suggest using a table since you’re probably gonna have a lot of weapons to restrict), then check if the player has bought the weapon with ply:PS_HasItem(“Your item”), if not, return false end, if yes, continue

Hmm yeah that makes sense. Thanks for this :slight_smile: