Restricting 'spawn with toolgun' option?

Hello, I have been setting up a DarkRP server for almost two weeks and have constantly run into problems…

Now it is almost ready to go with just a bit of tinkering left to do but I have a major problem that needs sorted out, badly.

I use TDMCars, and people joining cannot spawn the cars in their vehicles menu, and that is what I want, but somehow they are able to bypass it by right clicking the icon and using ‘spawn with toolgun’.

I have googled around and have found nothing… I use ULX if that’s any help…

Disallow the use of the creator tool with FPP.

I go into Q > Utilities > Falco’s Prop Protection > Tool Restriction, and upon scrolling through all the options there is no creator tool. ):

Im gonna bump this. Any answers?