Restricting Spawning to Admins

What is the code you would use the restrict spawn props, vehicles, entites, and getting weapons to admins only? I want to make it so only admins may use anything on the spawn menu ( I don’t mean non-admins can’t open it, I just mean they can’t use any of the functions it offers) If you must know its for a DM blah blah.

by functions, do you mean tools?

Use ASSmod or ULX.

local BlockedHooks = {

for k, v in pairs( BlockedHooks ) do
hook.Add( v[1], “Block” … v[1], function( ply ) return ply:IsAdmin() end )

I’ve been looking for exactly the same!
Where would i put the code?
cl_init, Init or Shared?

Init, since it’s serversided.

Damn bumps