Restricting Tools (Wiremod, specifically) to jobs?

I’ve seen this done before, yet I havent the slightest idea how to replicate it. Basically, the fear of Wiremod abuse is pretty big for me, yet I dont want to remove most of the fun parts of it, so I came up with the compromise to attatch it to an Engineer job. How would one go about restricting TOOLS to a DarkRP job?

when you simply want to stop abuse, then set stuff like E2 etc to mod/donor only, simple, basically the whole wiremod addon can be abused.

No. No. Wrong. You should NOT fully restrict E2, you should just restrict (or just remove, it’s easier) abusable functions like applyForce(). You should restrict some tools like Igniter though.

there are my tools to be abused, and I dont think the op wants to go through literally the whole addon and search functions, which he might not understand, simplest thing would be just limiting most tools like e2, forcer, igniter, user etc

In this case even simpler thing would be just delete wiremod completely. Limiting all potentially abusable features will reduce wiremod to almost nothing anyway.

EDIT: IMO the best solution would be to restrict those wiremod tools to people who played on the server for some time (at least 20-30 hours or something) and can be considered mostly reliable.

Thats literally same as I said… so dont disagree…

No, you said to allow them for “donators”, not for people that just want to play without all this bullshit.

I didnt say he shall set it EXACTLY to donor + mod only, it was as example >-<

Well, that’s what was the impression I got from your post. Sorry then.

If you’re worried about causing lag to the server you could always make/get an addon to restrict CPUTime

anything over ~8ms is going to be laggy usually