[RESULTS] Musical Scene Contest

[release][h2]Thanks everyone for participating, it was awesome watching your entries![/h2]

[h2]#1 KaNe1310[/h2]
Congratulations, everyone appointed this as the number 1 picture. ** Kane procced to add me on steam to collect your prize! ID is Fort83 **


A few comments
Fort : * This picture screams awesome *

Castro : Oh God What!?!?!?

[h2]#2 Hunterdnrc [/h2]

A few comments

Castro : Lovely Lighting. Fun without being batshit insane

[h2]#3 Zeraxify [/h2]


** Fort:** * Not a single instrument to be seen yet this image doesn’t need it to be great. This is a work of art and should be in a gallery. *

Castro : * One of the first entries and it didn’t have wood or wind instruments or geetars. I like this one alot because it’s another part of music that no one else tried to look at. Everyone else did rock poses until someone did classical and then people started to do classical music poses. This stands out on its own. *

Congratulations to them and everyone else! Here are some  honorable mentions that were at some point selected or mentionned by the  judges but didn't make it to the Top 3:

By Dinnyforst

Castro : I like it because :sax:

*By *thisisspain

Fort : Reminds me of a music video from one of my favorite bands Dropkick Murphy’s, I really like it.

*By *cheesecurls

Fort : The light and posing and just everything is so beautiful this is truly art!

By Jim_Riley

Fort : This image has alot of posing, more so than other images. Though it is still a bit empty in the background which is a turn off. It reminds me of both James Bond and Titanic…

*By *minilandstan

**Fort : ** *Crybaby *

*By *Frederic

Fort : * This image is fantastic, the posing is marvelous and really seems like they are rocking out! *

[h2]Original thread with a lot of quality stuff that is not featured here : [/h2]


That picture really was extreme. Congrats.

dang it i didn’t win again

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fuck you illuminati

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thanks for the nice comments, though guys. was fun making.

I personally thought Zerax should have won :c

Congrats to everyone who entered!

Awesome stuff guys. Really enjoyed watching your guys works pour in.

Thanks to everyone who participated! :golfclap:

oh neat. though I give my prize to someone else, I already own GTA IV

if Zerafixy wants it, he can have it.

thats very thoughtful of you KaNe

that is indeed very nice of you, but i also already own gta iv

i’m p. sure you can get a game for an equal prize, kane, just ask.

I just entered for fun and didnt think of actually winning. I think you picture is better, so Im giving the prize to you.

if you’re sure man, that’s very nice of you.

Can I has GTA?

Well, if neither of my fellow placers want GTA, I’d be willing to take it since I don’t have it. :smith:

Regardless, it feels great to be up with Zerax and Kane, I had a lot of fun with this one. :buddy:

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Oh never mind Zerax already got a game.

It’s cool. :love:

Bu…but i didn’t get my picture accepted.

Again, thank you for lovely contest. Everyone did very well and creative.