Resuming Server Console

So, I host my server on a VPS running Ubuntu 14.04.
I have two options of running my server.

Option one: I run it from a Terminal window in the VPS via RDP. The problem with this is, if I close RDP or drop, the terminal window disappears for some reason. When I log back in, the window is gone and I have no more console.

Option two: I run the server via PuTTY. The problem with this: Sometimes my internet drops, and when I drop, the SSH drops. So therefore I can’t get back to the server console.

Do you guys know of any way for me to have a way of running the server and keeping the Console after disconnects/drops?

Just re-login to SSH, not that much of a big deal.

When I relog, it just takes me back to the shell, not the server console.

Press up to see your last used command. Assuming you don’t use that box for anything else, the last used command should be the ‘screen’ command you use to access the server’s console.

If you don’t have ‘screen’ installed, I strongly suggest installing it (and reading up a tutorial on how it works).

Use screen. I’m pretty sure it’s built-in to Ubuntu Server and it allows you to keep SSH sessions open in the background. I recommend reading up on it. This seems like an alright guide to it.

Get screen as others suggested, then when you want to run your server run in terminal:
screen <launch command or script>
You can close terminal or putty then, and when you want to come back just type screen -r