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Hi guys,

Has anyone seen this error before? I cant seem to find any threads on it. I’m attempting to determine if its whats causing intermittant lag on our server because it (the lag) seems to occur when this error is showing in console. I’m also looking at the command line and theres no corresponding errors from the server.

Any help from another admin to point me in the right direction would be excellent. Let me know if you need a screenshot - but the error is only the single line and quite specific.


This is an issue related to a slow connection, blocked program etc.
first of all make sure you allov rust throu the anit virus and the windows firewall.
if it remains check your routers ports.

If this is happening on a server it is not directly whats making the lag no.
the error is basicly saying “this client is not synched with the server! Attemting to synch” thus lagging out the client for being out of synch in the first place.
On another side if it mnages to sunch the client will get back in time with the server and have less lag and everything will be going smoother for him. if this error doesent stop in the console at all it is mot likely due to a slow connetion for the client, basicly meaning that the client dosent manage to resynch at all.

In most cases, the reason the client is out of synch has to do with routing. i.e you get connected through a set of nodes further from the end point than you should. Example: Player A lives in the UK, playing on a UK server but gets 500-1000ms latency on that server. What he doesn’t know, is that he is being routed through an asian network of nodes before finally arriving at his server. Such a long distance causes a ton of packet loss and it will affect any form of server to client synch.

Best bet is to contact your ISP and ask if you’re being routed through a different network than the one you should be routed through while playing the game.

You can also do a traceroute on your own computer by opening your start menu and type into the search box cmd and type:

tracert <ip (remove the :port)> to your server and send your ISP the traceroute result so they can look at the hops and figure it out for you.

It would also be wise to check to see if your computer is running background tasks that downloads big chunks of files for updates etc, or check to see if anyone else is using your connection for anything that requires the use of the internet connection.

This happens on the server I play on too.
Everyone lags when this console message pops up. Everyone.
Its not our isps, its a problem with the server host or the game itself.

Explain to me why you disagree with me please?

Or are you just one of the clueless people who automatically blames the servers they play on everytime there’s a hickup?

Its a server bug…some people think its a dupe bug

So maybe developers give us answers? I’m too boring when my server lags with this error.

This is server problem or with connection of player(s) ?