"retake our Lost Soil from Betrayal."




Is it gm_flatgrass ?

I already know what is going to be in the picture when I read your name.
Good but boring.

It’s alright but something is wrong with it, i don’t know why but somethings seems wrong.

Why is he using an isreali weapon?

I beg to differ.

Posing is good, scenebuilding is amazing, but the burning is a little heavy. Overall, it’s good.

Very nice lighting, quite photographic.

The colors make the camo look weird but the background and the shading make this shit look astuning.
Nice work.

you finally have a grammatically correct title worthy of your pictures


I can do several of a few things one, say how good the picture is, two is say how it reminds me of a photograph but I’m going to gripe how the Mars sight gives you a horrible case of tunnel vision.

The bright white light discolors the camo but adds a nice cinematic effect to the picture. Get arty’d

could use a little shading under the stock of the gun


Where to find those apartment block models?

Standard HL2 buildings?

ok. diprip shit.