Retaking Lost Land

Edited by Hauptmann, thank you Hoopty. :3 Enjoy the scene and music!

I get that it’s rainy, but it’s pretty dark and grey.

Goddamn it I love that Panzerhund model.

Like Ostriches said, it’s a tad too dark. I’m okay with the grey, though.

I would make it brighter but I forgot the default brightness level in gmod options so it’s everytime a bit darker than it was supposed to be.

The muzzle flash is pretty meh. Could’ve used a light as well to have a nice contrast. Though the picture itself is great. Good job.

It looks like you made those little water splashes with the airbrush in Paint. Leaving that a-side, looks pretty good.

I didn’t edited anything. As you can read.

Yeah, confused the persons, as my native language is Spanish i mostly make some mistakes with the verbs/person refeers when it’s about to explain something. My fault.

No problem mate.^^