Retaking the Steppe

I’m meant to be going out in 4 hours. Boy am I gonna regret staying up to finish this…

As amazing as all your work is.

The explosion looks too cartoonish and the officer should be on the move. Other than that it’s fucking beautiful.

This is pretty dodgy. The lighting and shading is quite nice as usual but the shell impact looks kinda pasted on, as does the plane.

My biggest irk is the posing of the commander-figure - it’s really stiff. The blood looks too sharp in comparison to the DoF too.

Your shading of characters is good but it leaves them looking like cut-outs too often; this is most noticeable on the dude with the bayonet-attached rifle. Take note of lighting-direction and apply it to the 3D shape properly, rather than always thinking about folds in clothing.

I really wished I hadn’t merged the PSD because fuck that tracer

The tracer does look really silly, And I think the dustcloud could be a bit different in color/less bright, since currently it doesn’t blend in that well. other than those though, pretty good.

Rossmum, I am dissapoint.

Everything that chesty said. The composition is also pretty bland, leaving way too much empty space in the top of the picture (and you could have done something about the horrible default skybox)

What tracer?


I might actually be able to salvage the rest of the picture (at least partially) later. I wasn’t expecting it to heal out that well, thanks.

Actually, I don’t find it to be as good as your past work, the explosion looks really pasted on. It’s still good tho.

Most of the picture is awesome.
A lot of wasted space on the top though.

At least the faces don’t look ridiculous in this picture.


The A stands for artistic

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I don’t like the blood much. Looks pretty muddy and pasted on

Everything’s great expect the impact(overblured)…
Also the inscription “sniper” on the tank is rather funny:v:

I want a mosin with a bayonet :frowning:

The posing on mister central with a pistol is too wonky for me- and as stated the explosion is meh (I laugh at the tracer (no offense (mine would not even be so pretty))).

Read that as “autistic.”