Retard Production Videos

This is First my FUCKING TRAHS!!!11111one
Look and Die.

i can already tell its going to be amazing… a thread without content and something bout the way you post…

Dude you have to use your imagination on this one, you must see it without looking. Brilliant

MY youtube chanel
look and…
i havent fact now on this post

Your ideas are pretty bland. You need to work on camera views and hide your hud deathnotice hud also please type properly, be more literate then some people will get a better impression of you, your first post was pretty un-professional.

How does gman know straight away his friends have been killed? is he psychic? no he isn’t he is mysterious but he is not psychic.
Another thing. when you transitioned the scene to gman after the death of his friend, that was bad because it was from sad to happy in 1 second.

You’re a newbie, so please follow this guide.

EDIT: Where the HELL does he get his minigun from? his pocket?

Thanks for you Advice guys.
I remember this

Warnig! UPDATE!!!
2 new trash Movie buy my little bro
watch plase

mhmm… and wheres the link?


be sure to include a link or embed video in your post next time when you need it. it is a tad annoying when you don’t

and please type properly…


Your video’s make me sigh HARD, very pointless. please don’t make these type of video’s again.

Tomorrow I will do a new film
Attention! It will not be such stupid as my last!

The Film name - Shepard the Episode 2.