retard ?

I need to know, really, why and who have fun to do attachement to other player house, just to try to block them in, or just to break the concept they did. By this i mean stupid player building wall on outdoor house, stair on the side, shack next to house and i pass. Where is the fun when you dont even break in to take stuff. Are you just kid enough to found that funny and laugh when you are a preteen with only your hand as a sex Partner for the rst of your life ?. I dont have any problem to be raid for my stuff in my house, break with c4 or something, but what the hell about building your shit on my house, grown up kids.

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what server do you play on? If I had a chance to piss you off this badly id probably do it too.

Just show up to your house non-hostile and just build random walls and stairs

Then you are one of those with no chance of real sex life.

I can’t help laughing at this… I feel your pain, but it is kind of funny to get that kind of reaction out of it :wink:

What funny ? you dont even know for sure the other player have this reaction and second, what funny you get nothing from this ?

It’s called trolling
And whoever did it to you, was hugely successful. Look at all that rage.

Welcome to the Internet.

You misunderstood, I wouldn’t do it personally, but it is funny to see YOUR responce and reaction here, now, on the forums… You sir have been trolled, and it worked.

imagine the futur of this game if everybody start to do this just cause someone else did it to you, if it come like this i dont give 2 month to the game due to ragequit, and when there will be to much ragequit what trooler will do ? troll some troller ? no sence

Your tears nourish griefers everywhere.

Next time build your entrance door on a foundation that can not be added to, problem solved. Learn from your mistakes as you make them, or validate the troll by getting hilariously angry at them.

lol seriously though dont get so vocally pissed off, on my servers im known as one of the most kind and helpful players. but if i saw this kind of butthurt even I might turn into a griefer

the best thing to do is just pretend you dont care

the player that tried to troll me did it wrong, i had many outdoors and 2 of them was next to a tree so he cant do anything to those 2, what piss me off is that he build a complete new house next to mine, wall to wall, been up to my 7 th floor and block my axess to my 2 Watch tower, jealousy ?


It was me who did it. I am actually going to wait until you log off again and then I’m going to come back and build an entire building around your base so that you will have to ask me for permission to enter.


funny go ahead

Just find a server that has the Ownership Remover plugin installed. Since it works for whoever placed the foundations, this means any griefing done to your house can be removed: by yourself.

as long as you upload it to youtube, and then instead of granting him permission when he asks; he has to answer 3 riddles in order to get in to his own house

oh or sing lights by ellie goulding or some shit

That’s it?


ABSOLUTELY!!! For some reason I can hear the voice from the “MOAR DOTS!” video screaming about this lol… (yea, obscure reference).


This is hilarious. I sincerely hope that home ownership is limited for this very reason. I.E. a builder should be able to quickly remove and edit his/her own structures, but must remain at the mercy of the structures of others (save for his own regular resources to destroy opposing structures.)

Why must people insist on making baseline Rust a game that it isn’t? Rust is about being vulnerable. Building needs improvements, but not in the field that kaklaw is proposing. The more you reduce vulnerability, the more the game loses its unique qualities. People are too obsessed with making Rust this building sim where you have high survivability just because you made for walls a door and a ceiling. Save that for modded servers because it’s not what the game is about.

And you the specialist and conceptor know what the game is about ? player was crying to keep zombie but the game isnt about zombie and develloper said so, the people cry to still be able to carry pvp everywhere on the map, but its not a shooter game. Its a survival game, and if you cannot upgrade to be sure to survive than its no more a survival game.

I agree this is hilarious. However, in all seriousness, this isn’t about being safe. Players can and should have ways of breaking into your house, even clever ways like we’ve seen already. Even things like putting breaking down someone’s doors and putting up your own is fine. But in reality griefing is not “what the game is about”. Someone assaulting your fort while you try to defend it, or an epic heist into someone’s base, is sweet and it’s not safe in the slightest. But putting a 2 dollar shack blocking someone’s base or pillaring all of their stuff (while hilarious) is not …what the game is about.

And that has nothing to do with reducing vulnerability.

edit: although OP’s tone and ‘engrish’ makes me think this is a complete troll thread. regardless it’s pretty funny.