Retarded Water Fix

This guide goes for GMOD, TF2, CSS and CSGO map making. Im currently mapping for only Gmod, Tf2 and Css So i really cant help you there CSGO map makers. But ill try my best!
Im a newb map maker but im trying to help others.

If you had problems with water like:
Invisible Walls
No reflections
Looks bad
Or anything like this then follow this guide. (Thanks Magman77)

To make water
Make a brush with the texture nodraw. Then use Shift+A to open the Face Texture menu.
Then pick your water and right click on the top!

“Looks bad water”
Use dev water 2-5

No reflections
See “Looks bad water”

Invisible walls
Make sure that everything is inside of your skybox. Make sure there is no holes in your skybox (Think of it as a space suit. You dont want the vaccum getting in.)

Anything else
Leave it in the comments and I’ll try to help!

Thanks a lot! also best title ever :v:

No problem. Let me know if you need more help!

all growed up

Im using CS:GO SDK and using the aztecwater texture for my water, looks nice for the map i’m making with no problems.

@Magman77 Yep. lol

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