Reteat and Regroup!

Just some Marines running from Zombie Marines


The face posing on the guy on the right doesn’t really fit the rest of the pose.

His face posing really didn’t have a “horror” or “shocked” look…so I went with that…

Like the rest of it though?


Well what would you do if you had Zombie Marines wearing PCVs and using grenades were attacking you?

He meant it’s spelled ‘retreat’.

Oooh…my mistake-I’ll go edit that.

Like it though?

There are a few things that jump out at me.

As mentioned prior, the fellow on the right has an odd facial pose compared to the others. The guy in the middle who I assume is running has his body twisted in the opposite direction of the way his legs are. I see what you were trying to do but I think it’d be better to keep him moving in one direction as opposed to breaking it up this way; it would look more fluid.

The blue lighting kind of throws me off but that’s an artistic direction, I suppose, and is up for interpretation.

The humvee is floating!

I was trying to use this: as a reference for his pose. It was a bit difficlut.

As for the lighting ,rp_destroyedcity_final map is a dark map by defualt, and it was dark down there. Thats just the map design.

Thats an illusion,. the humvee is actuall on the ground. The wheels are sorta…wierd that way.

Illusion or not, that’s how the screenshot looks. Wacky shit like that happens in the course of making screenshots, you just need to watch out for it.

I’ll excuse the lighting, but only because it’s on a TnB map.

Alrighty, thank you.