Retractable Landing Gear

Hello, im new here, and i’ve only been playing Gmod for about a month or so now so im still quite young at it, but i have a question…

Here you see is my idea. I want to make a plane with retractable landing gear that goes back, and can only extend to the position you see here. The key is on the picture, the red being a visable winch you can see pull the gear back, and blue being an invisible one that pulls it forward. The only problem is, no matter what I try, the design is always very unstable. I’ve tried countless things…

But no matter what, this is always the outcome

The wheels just buckle and usually go flying too far backwards or forwards under the weight of the plane and it becomes impossible to take off. I’ve tried MANY things, from experimenting with the weight of the bases/wheels/plane itself, to adding thrusters to the back of the base so that it will go forward and not backward. I’ve even tried to experiment with boxing the gear in, so that it can only move but so far, but all has failed, i cant seem to make a working retractable gear. :frowning:

I’m new to gmod also, but try to but two rigid ropes on the side of the wheel to keep it in place.

well, if I used ropes alongside the red winch perhaps, that would solve the problem of the gear going too far FORWARD, but it wouldnt do anything for it retracting on land. Thats a big help tho, and one problem solved thus far. Now if only we can keep the gear from going backwards on ground…

I going to bed now and tommorow I’ll make a nice set

you will need: (get this or it won’t work)
adv dupe

this would take a lot of precision but you might be able to put sliders on the wheel to keep it in place. I don’t think it would work though.

I have all three bro, thanks for the help


yeah, i tried sliders, hydraulics, muscle… many things

they should have a curve tool for sliders.

yes! Or, they should at least have an advanced axis tool. So that I could have it swing, but only to an extent, something that I left out on the pictures up there, is that I used ballsocket advanced once to make it only move 0-180 on one axis so that is swings good to a point, but even still it always goes retracted when on the ground. [when it needs to stand up]


I’ve tried adding ropes and such, but its still unstable. So i tried adding a thruster so that it fully extends on the ground, but it still buckles and the wheels go crazy. I did ONE time make it into the air, but after I did, the wheels flew everywhere and went crazy.

You should try:
1.Wired hydrolics that extand to a specified length so the wheel doesnt move out.
2.elastic would also make the wheel move less without making it totally stationary so it can still retract

And if u have the weight tool makeing the wheel heavier will make it a lot more stable.

Nothing will work guys, you need some parenting (if the wheel buckles so does the plane(1 in a million chance))

I’ll parent it to stop buckling then add a wheel that has physics collision

This may sound dumb but… what does “parenting” mean anyway?

Parenting is sort of like a really unstable weld. The weld is locked and doesn’t bend under pressure unlike normal welds, but they also don’t have physics properties and have duping issues.

Hmm i see. I’ve tried the hydralics method as well Tom, but that didnt work. And the elastic would only work one way… either it would still pull the wheels forward or backwards. Even with elastics, the gear still retracts in landing position. I dont think this landing gear is possible, and definitely not in an easy manner.