Retrieving data with mysqloo?

Hello everyone, I’m in need of some assistance. I’m making an addon for my server, and i need to retrieve only my moderators from a database.

So i have this query

ULXDatabaseObject:query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE group ='superadmin'")

My question is, How should i be storing this data and then sending it too the client? i will eventually put the data in a DListView

Sorry if its a stupid question, I just couldnt find anything online.

Thanks in advance

Network Library’s


Thanks for that, How do i go about inserting the results from my query into a table though?

Do yourself a favour and use this instead

Thanks for that, Will be sure to use it in any future projects, for now i would like to attempt to atleast get this working using mysqloo.

I have no experience on mysqloo so I won’t be able to aid you on that matter.