Retrieving server info and main menu trouble

So when i load garrys mod it does the “new” blue loading bar and so on but when its done it shows the main menu for a fraction of a second and starts to load a single player game and i cant stop it but after it load the game it opens up the main menu with the HL2 background in the plaza and the chat box says things like “This server uses pc etc.” but i have all the controls as the main menu.

My second problem is that i cant join any multiplayer games. I can play on singleplayer just fine but when i try to join a online game it does the parsing and connecting but when it gets to the Retriveing Server Info it just sits there spinning and i went afk for 10 minutes and it was still sitting there.


Bump Bump someone answer plox


BTW i can now join MP games but i still have the same Main Menu troubles.

sigh bump…again…come on no one can help?

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If no one can help stop bumping.