Retrieving Server Info crash

So I’ve been playing on this TTT server for the past week or so and yesterday or maybe late Friday night, they added new player models. When I loaded into the game saturday morning, it would crash when it was downloading a jpg for one of the playermodels. So I asked the server owner and he suggested to delete my downloads folder in which after I did that it worked (after it took a while for downloading everything back). But when I loaded up the pointsshop (and a new round started at the same time), it crashed again. Now my problem is that when I load the server it will crash at “Retrieving Server Info” OR when the server changes maps it will start downloading the map, then crashes. Now I have tried going to a different server playing on the same map (which i have no troubles getting on) and going back to the server i keep crashing on, but it just crashes at retrieving server info. I also tried to restart my pc, internet, and view integrity of the game cache. Any help will be much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

TL;DR - Would be appreciated if you read the whole thing, but server i’ve been playing on for a while started to crash, don’t know how to fix