Retrieving server info. FOREVER !

Hi I create a private server not with Hamachi but with Tungle. The first time its work very well. But now my friends are stuck in retrieving server info. I search in other forum but i don’t find a solution. So we can help me please ?

I have over 350 addon I uninstal Gmod and addon too but nothing.


That’s a huge amount of addosn and is probably why it is taking so long.

Ok but… At 361 addons it’s work but at 362 addons no…

I’m surprised that your game can even launch with 361 addon.

But we have not a solution ?

Probably something wrong with the actual server files. Or you have completely overloaded them with 360 addons.

…It is irritating that one can not have more than addons 360… We have besoint of sacrifice between two addons which we like… It is for ca that we have to remove all the TDMcars…

Having to get all the date for 360 addons is going to take a while think about it logically. If your friends have to sync 360 different files even at 1 minute a file that is 360 minutes. Now most aren’t going to take that long but if even half do that is still 130 minutes which is close to two hours.

I have 293 addons now it’s work but I install Gibmod 2.0 it’s doesn’t work WTF ??

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But it is no history of port ? Who needs to open port of its router?

You found ur problem. Dont install Gibmod.

I had to install gimod there is one the years and that works perfectly but not now

I’m going to assume that you meant that you installed Gibmod a year ago and it worked fine and now it doesn’t. A year is a long time in terms of development. It could be some type of bug that exists which is causing it to fail, or it could be that one of your other addons that you have installed is the culprit and is causing gibmod to not work. Either way, 290+ addons is a crazy number for a server; and you should really consider cutting it down. Players have to download all of that stuff which takes up time they can use for playing the game. I never let my addon collection go over 100. It’s not about how many addons a server has, it’s about the quality and stability. I’d rather have fewer addons that all work together with zero issues and fast connection times, than bog down the system and have to play “where’s waldo” when something breaks.

Ok thanks you very much