Retrieving server list/connecting issues

I just bought Garry’s Mod off Steam last night and I can play singleplayer perfectly fine. But when I try to play online with a friend I get all sorts of issues.

First off I can’t join my own server by starting a “Create Multiplayer” server. I get a “Invalid Steam UserID ticket error” and it boots me.

Another issue I have is I can’t retrieve not even ONE server from the server list. I have all the filters correct, I’m positive I’m not accidentally overlooking something minor that might cause me to not see any servers.

I’ve tried to have my friend find a server and I try to join his server through steam by “join game” and it will try to connect but then fails by time out.

Please, anyone who can help me I will greatly appreciate it. I mainly think I need to forward my ports or something. But I’m not very experienced with IP addresses and the sort.

Restarted your PC yet?

Yes, I forgot to mention I’ve tried the following and no results so far:

Restart PC
Logging out and back in to Steam
Deleting the steam.dll SteamUI.dll and a different .blob file (can’t remember the name)


Please, I really want any suggestions you might have. I’ve tried all I can think of that google hasn’t already told me.