Retrieving the number of faces/triangles in a prop/model?

Just curious - is it possible to retrieve the number of faces or triangles in a prop/model?


I cannot answer your question, but…
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There is no binding for that.

The only way I think it can be done, is by reading the binary model file. ( I am not even sure if you can open them with file.Read )

Soo… I would say impossible, without a binary module, or very mutch work.

[lua]function _R.Entity:GetTriangleCount()

return #ent:GetPhysicsObject():GetMesh() / 3


Technically this is the number of triangles in the models physics representation, not the model itself, but I reckon it’s as close as you’re gonna get.

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Oh and it’ll only work in GMod 13

Well that kinda sucks.

I was just curious to see if it were possible at all to create a better prop limiting system, where you have a triangle budget rather than the number props. Because, seriously, 30 1x1 plates aren’t going to lag anyone up, but 30 bathtubs? That is definitely gonna cause more slowdown.

Then this is perfect for you, I think the physics are the main reason behind prop lag

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