Retro Contest on hold for Garry's?

Grease, you should put this contest on hold till Garry’s Contest is over, participation has failed since he posted his idea.

why? Garry’s contest hasn’t officially started, there is plenty of time to do both.
of course garry’s contest has a large prize…

I would agree, I’ve actually completely stopped working on my gamemode for now. :3

I mean, just think about it, garry’s contest has a huge prize, while this one has…none. I think I’d rather work on the one with a prize, personally. (Especially since winning these ones don’t seem to grab you too many bragging rights, either. It’d be better if when you won garry gave the winner some kinda forum tag or something. I dunno.)

Is there actually a prize for this gamemode contest, or is it completely voluntary?

$100 of steam games.

I’m still there. It’s not like I won’t improve Bomberminge and then submit it to Garry’s contest after this one.



Didn’t really know there was much of a prize not doing it for the money don’t need it, i just like coding x).

50 pounds, or roughly $70

That was last competition. There is no prize right now. Read better.

Heck, I’d love to have L4D2. You just don’t ask your parents to buy a zombie game with a big zombie hand on the cover when they are christian. :v:

I did. Worked out fine. Got the preorder for my birthday, did the same thing with L4D1.

Just say you are training to do the work of God and saving them from their torment. It works for Father Grigori.

Convert them.

If I put this on hold, those who aren’t participating in garry’s contest could get ahead, and that wouldn’t be fair. I may just eliminate this contest altogether if nobody gets entries in though.

So far it looks like just Mario Kart. Either way those guys look like they are doing a great job on their GM.

Would be depressing if the contest shuts down, I’ve been no-lifing the past week for MK.

Tell them you’re preparing for judgement day.

Remember, he’s supposed to be christian, that means he gets sucked up into the rapture instead of facing judgment day, amirite?

Sounds like only 2 gamemodes made the cut. I’m not sure it’s really worth judging is it?
I guess I could gather a few judges together to get this over with, but I doubt any contests will be happening until garry’s is over.

Which ones made the cut?