Retro stove and fridge

These are just simple reskins of the stove and fridge from cs_milita. I looked everywhere for skins like this but I couldn’t find any aside from a fridge in a fallout 3 pack, so I decided to make them myself. They could be useful for RP or if you’re making a map set in the 1950s or 1960s.

I almost forgot. This requires Counter Strike Source for the models. These are just a skin.

These would be a lot more useful if they were hexed. As replacements, they’re going to mess up the look of a lot of existing maps.

Other than that, these are pretty decent skins.

If someone wants to hex them, they can go right ahead. I made them for a 1950s map and they’re going to be pakratted into it so I didn’t really think about that

it’d be cool if they where the old 50s, red or light blue fridges, always liked those

Agreed. They’re pretty spiffy reskins, I really like them. I just prefer hexes.

If someone hexed these I would DEFINITELY download them.

Shit I could hex them, but I don’t have the time