Retrying to make a RP Map

Its all my content this time. I forgot to put cube maps in here so there are some reflectivity errors.

Changed the white colored walls.

It looks okay.

Nothing amazing, but it doesn’t suck.

wow that looks pretty good so far

I have 1 thing that I see that you could improve on. It’s not even that major of a change.

When making doorframes, make them with the door texture that the door is. Then move the texture around until you get a great looking doorframe. Love the map so far though. Like the lighting too.
NOTE: When you have the doorframes sorted out, don’t worry about making one every time. Just shift+drag and copy. It’s a real time-saver.

Looks pretty good so far.
Can you post an overview of the map?

The overall atmosphere looks okay, but it’s far too blocky, add some detail.

Right now thats all there is im going to add a lot more this weekend when i get time to, but thanks for the positive comments this time, made me feel good :smiley:

It’s pretty generic.

It’s not bad, just nothing special.


And the lighting pretty bland.

I think im going to put HDR back on it, it looked a lot better. By the way, before when i made an Non-Generic rp map everyone hated it.

That’s how FP works.

Could say that fp has a period

Thanks for the tip :smiley:

I’m sure the reason you’re other “non-generic” map was unpopular had nothing to do with it’s originality.

Well could one Used Apartment building that was released for free ruin a map, but anyway forget that lets focus on something new.

With enough work, this could be another generic HL2 themed RP map that no one will ever run on a server.

Seriously, I see no reason for any server to run this. It looks like an overwhelmingly generic map that brings nothing new to the table.

Well what makes your map one that people would run on a server?

Seconding the need for more originality in the mapping board. I’m not an RP-er, so I don’t know if this is done, but why not fill up the rooms with props and details, to make the interiors look realistic? Cabinets, stoves, refrigerators, furniture, lighting, beds, there’s a ton of room to innovate.

Well Static props i can but physics get minged by people on rp servers.

Static props are fine, as long as there’s some beauty to it. If you need to, use propper, it’s fantastic for detailed static brushwork. Then you can pakrat the models and textures into your map.

It doesn’t. His map is an RP construct map. The way I see it, there’s not enough room to construct and it’s too low quality to RP.

The roads are a bit narrow, Widen them out.