Return of StargateRP

Now for the old timers here from Garry’s Mod pre-2007/08 and who remembers the time when you couldn’t enter 1 server on Gmod without the Stargate addon (a better time of gmod and one I wish would come back!) and for those who remember the basic StargateRP gamemode. I’m bringing it back.

For those interested I am indeed one of the developers of it back in the day appropriately named Carson Becket, and me along with Myrrdin of Gerbil Mountain and Afromana we made and ran it together. I am officially bringing it back to development but this time it won’t be a DarkRP edit. It will go a different route, a Stargate Worlds route since the amazing MMO died so close to release.

I’ll post an update and development thread here sometime in the future but for now it is for internal use and will most likely only be discussed within my community while I’m working on it. It will try to focus on MMORPG style aspects this time rather than the DarkRP style. So you’ll pick a race and create a character. And will be thirdperson/firstperson with quests and such. As well as the old time gmod RP with sandbox aspects.

I’m deciding on the route I’m going, make a MMORPG style with quests, jobs, levels, skills etc like Stargate Worlds would have been. Or make it very story driven, no weapons and classes and you sort of just do your own thing. More like the old StargateRP. So far the Stargate Worlds route seems more like a good idea, seems new and unique and gets rid of the problem that most RP has these days.

Best news I’ve heard in a while, as a avid stargate addon user im pumped!

Forgot to include the third guy who helped out with StargateRP sorry man! I have corrected my error!

Please, spend development resources and time on a non rp gamemode.

Just because it’s RP doesn’t mean it’s bad. What is bad are bland, uninspired RP game-modes that are the same as all the other ones we have.

No. RP is bad, you can not role-play in Garry’s Mod. Unless you want an “rp” world full of 6 year old mayors.

You can kind of put roleplay on a spectrum. Really all it is is just acting out the role of another character. RP can be as light, or as heavy and spergy as one wants. Most RP game-modes have other things people have fun with besides just simply roleplaying, such as base-building, acquiring money, and just generally fucking around.

Also have you played stargate RP? It’s probably different from what you think it is.

I understand the general idea, these kids are going to add “custom” code, and rename rp.

Do people not add “custom” code to non-RP gamemodes as well?

I’m not sure I’ve seen a sandbox server with 45 Coder Fagger and Script Fagger scripts anywhere before.
*coder Hire
*Script Fodder


And quite a few sandbox servers are stuffed with free shit off of workshop. Many of the really bad sandbox servers are the ones with multiple weapons packs and unnecessary shit tacked on. Keep in mind as well that a large chunk of scripts on those sites are created for darkrp, ttt, murder, JB, etc.

Clearly you never played Garry’s mod from 2006-2008 when it was all about RP, and some of the best RP you could have in any game. Yes today RP sucks because it’s either noob-ish DarkRP servers that don’t understand RolePlaying, or it’s just more copy-pasted hl2rp scripts. The unique stuff is long gong. That’s why I’m bringing back an old gamemode with a lot of work done on it. Not just some edit of DarkRP, and as I stated I’m going to try and make it more MMORPG feeling like Stargate Worlds was going to be. But if you have something against RP fair enough, if you were around before Gmod was taken over my kids who saw it played on YouTube you would understand.

For those who actually were around when this was played welcome, but if people are just gonna say “don’t make an RP gamemode.” People can do what they want, I’ve played Gmod since 2006 and Stargate and StargateRP was very popular, and I want to bring back the good serious in depth and uniqueness that it had.

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Your clearly very cynical and close minded assuming that everyone who you don’t know about is a “kid” I’m pretty sure I’ve been here a lot longer than you. So in this instance you are the “kid” here, I’ve been involved in gmod groups since 2006, Admin of a very large group SGC Clan, then admin of Next-Gen, then admin of Gerbil Mountain, was a respected player on Sazzilsation and many others. I never mentioned anywhere that I was going to be sticking in coderhire or scriptfodder stuff, I’m literally coding in the edits. So instead of misreading, assuming and accusing people. Think first.

Stargate RP made my early teens, and I’ve been pining its death for as long as it’s been gone.

Spotting this thread from the homepage (I don’t browse this section), has made my day.

Don’t get too hyped at the moment, this time the planned project is bigger and as it’s just myself, Myrrdin and Afromana can not help this time unless I find new help. And the gamemode base I’m using is more complex and requires a lot more editing and customizing then will take some time. But I plan on treating this as a full project.

First stage is to remove all original content and information, then replace it with stargate content, probably include probably 2 groups of mobs/killable creatures/enemies, probably some basic NPC’s such as quest givers and shops, and probably only make 2 locations for players to visit, SGC and maybe Jaffa planet. That will count as alpha version 1. from there it will be down to slowly adding content such as weapons, items, quests and minor gameplay changes which will just count as another alpha update, I may have it on closed alpha, so people can apply to help out testing and get access to the server.

After I’m happy with the amount of content of quests and such I can stop and move onto custom features and still leave testers some stuff to do. Custom features will take some time because I will have to do some work because CAP does not work correctly with the gamemode as the gamemode is not sandbox base so will have to find a workaround or create a compatibility of some kind maybe making a base gamemode for it to derive from that is a combination of sandbox and base.

Once I’m happy with what I’m referring to as a0.0.1 (initial version from the “conversion” from the other gamemode.) I will open a thread in the development section with screenshots and information. Also will post updates to my forums.

The update structure will be as follows. Version.Update.Change so basically the third number represents every change, so even if I just change text/add a weapon that number will increase, updates such as changing “major” features will be the second number, and the first number will be new versions, so if a big update with new content, new location new quests etc is released that number will increase.

Just no, just no.

What are you even hoping to achieve? Not liking RP is one thing, but rolling up in a thread obviously dedicated to it and demanding that the people therein is another.

Are you actually expecting anyone to say “Oh, you’re right. I’ll do something else, thanks!”?

I think he must have bought Gmod in the past few years and thinks all coders are trolls or noobs, Sadly a lot of “custom” content for Gmod these days are no where near what Dev’s of the old used to do. Or maybe his mind can’t comprehend something RP being on a gamemode other than DarkRP, It’s a shame because Gmod’s early days was mostly RP without DarkRP.

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Yes cut out the important bits from my post to make it favour you very mature. :slight_smile: I understand your clearly one of the “developers” of today’s communities which can’t make anything original anymore. I’m trying to bring back some older gamemodes from back when Garry’s Mod was unique and every server was completely different. If you have a problem with something you don’t know or approve of then shut up.

It seems every time someone brings back something cool and old it creates drama…

Other than that I can’t wait to see how it looks since I didn’t have the chance to join the club in the early days of GMod.

I’m going to start looking either to edit some existing maps or get a mapper to help me out, Since this is going to be more Stargate Worlds MMORPG style then I need more open wider maps than the existing stargate maps.

It’s gonna take a while at first since the gamemode is very hl2 orientated. So got to change models, menu’s, items, basically everything because there are tons of NPC’s quests, weapons, items, functions, events, map events etc. I’m not gonna give any dates until I’ve made a full conversion and I’m ready to start adding in the new stargate style content and gameplay.