Return of the hitmarker???

Does this mean the hitmarker is coming back?!?!?!?
I really hope so.

i hope it’s only back for headshots, otherwise it can be used to assist targeting players you cannot see properly.

loved the headshot sound in legacy though :smiley:



In all seriousness I’ve been looking forward to something along the lines of hitmarkers and hitmarker sounds, it’s one of the things I think is currently making PvP a bit boring and lacking feedback (whether you’re actually hitting something or completely sucking at aiming).
The only feedback you get now is a dropping body when you manage to kill him but I’d like to know if I killed someone from full health or whether I got a lucky hit on a 10 hp player.

Would be better to have it on some practice map.

The sound effect is for the headshot, same sound as legacy. The hit marker is a more visible blood spray, not an actual HUD marker.

Sounds great, where did you hear that, source? It’s down a little bit in the update.

Not the end of the world to lose the hit marker sound…but that headshot…soooo crunchy lol.

Damn glad it’s being re-introduced.

I think it should just be optional.