Return of the King

The second coming of the Messiah himself draws near.

The composition was and is shit so I cropped a bit to compensate for that.

Suddenly, I’m five again. I must go download the High Res pack for it now.

Good job. I like it.

Hail to the King, baby


Duke Hell Yeah :smiley:

This is amazing and you should feel amazing.

Crap, forgot to add the legendary buckle on his belt. Ah well.

good goddamn this is insane you’re insane

What body is that?

Reskinned 50 Cent.

The posing is really wonky and the rimlighting is excessive. Rest is great.

Elaborate the ‘wonky’ part please.

Reskin Duke Nukems head, hack it on. Perfect Duke model.

I don’t know. Looks silly.