Return of the ROCK BASE

To the developers, it is possible to make rock bases again. I don’t want to get into explicit detail on this post, as I do not want to create an instructional post. I just wanted to make you aware. Private message me for details.

If it gets public it will get fixed much faster like every other glitch.

gates ?

probably. would be the newest chink in our armour

It s true,i have no idea how… but is possible!

Today in rustcity battlefield (modded server) i saw the player danchikStav go in and out from a rock:

outside of the rock there was a sign:
He could shoot me frome the inside.

“Return”? Have they ever actually left?

and doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to apply the gate in the same way the doors were previously used. haven’t tried, but i’m sure it would just be the same principle.

I still don’t know what they do/did. and I don’t wanna. knowledge can be an enemy, as well as a friend

Only if you are weak! :slight_smile:

Ignorance is blissssss