Return old system Decay please.

return system old Decay please.

new decay it a faster we can’t replair because we working day 1 day 7.00am - 17.00pm will come back play game at 22.30-21.00+

stupid new decay

please change. old system.

Log in, bash a door. There. Decay reset. New decay is much better.

um… today my base is destroy

some my base is lost

thank you.

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hi i have one question

um…new decay sample .

stone 12 hr. delay / 48 hr. duration

mean after 12 hr. if not login or open the door it’s start count time decay to duration 48 hr. ?

sample hp stone 500 if not login 12hr start decay + 24hr it stone hp less 250/500 ?

thank you for answer
sorry my english is not so good.

If you log in and open a door in your base, then no decay until 12 hours. So first 12 hours, no decay.

If you don’t log in, after 12 hours decay starts.

BUT your stone base will still be there for 48 hours if you don’t log in. So just log in when you can, open a door, and repair a little.

Even if you don’t log in for 36 hours, you will be OK. Just have to repair.

thank you brother.

Dude, i went off for the night ! Less than 12 hours, came back to find most of my foundation at about 300/500 Hitpoints… The timer is messed up i think !

I think the current decay times are a bit short, especially for some people that can’t log in every day. I think stone should take 72 hours to decay.

Although it does encourage people to build smaller armoured bases rather than huge complexes like I’ve seen around.

I’m not 100% sure on this but it also seems like the decay starts from the outside? Foundations in the middle of my base were fine where as around the edge was 50% damaged.

Yeah it starts with the edge ! But like you said, it’s a huge disadvantage for people that have a life beside Rust ! When you can’t spend all of you days on the game, it almost impossible to maintain a base ! if i had to log back tonight without loging in in the morning, i’d probably have no more base…

I think the decay time should be the server’s owner decision.

I second this!

yeah too fast !! If you want to have a life you will have no Base :frowning: !!

Make a couple of extra rings of foundations maybe.


Don’t be an idiot and say go back to the old system. The new system is way better its just broken right now and needs to be fixed so it works like the devblog says

This is a important point. The hypothetical new decay system is not actually working as intended, as the delay timers aren’t happening like they should be. Door’s aren’t actually giving users 12 hours of buffer time. It doesn’t even appear to give 12 minutes of decay-free time.

Please god fix this soon , Facepunch. We’re living in the worst of both worlds right now, and it’s absolutely wrecking all the cool things in my town like sundials, arenas, and gatehouses. As it stands, we only have ~12 hours from full health to collapse for stone foundations, and we just can’t keep up much longer.

This works but thats more a workaround thana solution.

I agree! Decay is dumb isn’t real life. plz.

Decay is a necessity as the servers can’t handle the amount of objects being placed. It’s unfortunate but unity is being out paced by our demands upon it. Maybe we should scrap decay and go back to tiny static maps

Are you aware decay is currently unintentionally bugged right now, and not granting the 12h grace period as planned?

Please god people, this slow-burn bug will kill us all if we can’t stop debating Old vs. New and realize the rule-set implemented right now is actually neither. The code right now doubles decay time, gives no door-refresh, and requires twice-daily full repairs for stone level. Unfortunately, it’s a slow-burn bug and hard to notice without devs or players setting aside 12+ hours to test it.

The sky is falling here, folks, and seemingly no one with strong opinions in any of these decay threads seems to notice. Please go check your base and get back to us about it. No matter what you think it should be, what it is right now is something no-one intended, not even Garry. It was a developer mistake, and it’s critical that this is fixed soon.

Screw it! Wipe comming in less than a week just forget about your old base its toast