Return the essence of the game

When already restore the standard version as a legacy rust?
Many players complain on new a rust!
It not such what we want it to see
Great number of players cease to play in a rust at all
You received huge popularity of game on legacy a rust
Recreate the old stable version in new to a rust
We don’t need these silly robots, it is stupid and failure idea for children
We need a roundabout route, hostile mutants are necessary
Already enrages me to run on empty fields and to look for the coded lock in barrels
Harry, I beg you, restore legacy rust
It is told by the fan of game, I have 1400 hours per steam RUST
Simply all this bothered me, bothered to see as a rating of game falls in the opinion of players :frowning:

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I just can not look at the way the game is dying.
Do not get me

yh harry fix your shit, but garry is doing great with the game

Fuck you, Harry. What an asshole.

Lol wow people just cant handle change can they

Nah. It seems to correlate with how literate they are (or aren’t).

Also, I know this is left-field, but is your user-handle a reference to Thomas Covenant?

Hahaha! Finally! It’s like someone wrote a cartoon script for me.

I haven’t played legacy, but from what others I play with have told me, the new Rust is looking and feeling more like it all the time. It’s an alpha build in development. Give it time and it’ll get there. If all you’re looking for is legacy Rust, then go play that. Problem solved.